Group : A
Automotive Parts
The machining part are supplied
Either as machining part or as
Finished Components type assembly
with coupling. The best known type
Inlet pipe , shaft and other.
Group : B
Electronics Functional Part
The shaft functional parts
of any required specifications
can be developed by us right
form tooling design and through
to finished products. We can be
supplied specific products made
to electronic components.
Eject Shaft
Guide Shaft
Feed Roller Shaft
PF Roller Shaft
Delivery Shaft
Black Roller Shaft
CIS Roller Shaft
Sensor Roller Shaft
Patten Roller Shaft
PU Roller Shaft
Film G Roller
Over Size Shaft
( 25.00 mm Up. )
Auto Part
Function Parts
[ Automotive & Motorcycle.]
Function Parts
Computer Component Part
Brass Component Part